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With caller identification, any team member can greet clients by name, instantly see their active quotes and work orders on screen, and efficiently action the call’s outcome in 企鹅电竞.

Streamline phone calls

Transform how you make, receive & action phone calls. Open the client’s active 企鹅电竞 jobs, create a new job directly from an active or recent call, or record a Call Summary to an existing job’s Diary.

Record & transcribe calls

Improve quality assurance and job history with call events, durations, recordings and transcripts automatically saved to the 企鹅电竞 job card they’re related to.

Maintain one contact number

Route all incoming calls through a single number, and set outgoing calls from all staff to display your business number, so clients always know it’s your business calling.

Click to call

Transform how staff work with clients over the phone. Call clients with a single click from their job card, and instantly see a client's job history on screen when they call in.

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