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PDF invoice generation on iPad and iPhone

Easy invoicing

When the job is done, add items and materials then generate a professional PDF invoice in seconds, ready for immediate issue to the client via email, TXT, print or post.

PDF invoice generated in 企鹅电竞 app

Quote fast & smart

In the office or on the app, you can create job-winning quotes, fast. Select from preset labour rates and standard parts, or add job-specific items. Even use the Job Costing add-on to estimate job profitability. 

Billing view with billable items for quote

Online quote acceptance

Email or TXT clients a special link to view and accept your quotes online. A built-in question form gives clients an easy way to ask any questions they have before proceeding.

Online quote acceptance portal

Beautiful templates

Select from our range of beautiful and professional template designs, which will include your logo automatically.

Design your own template

企鹅电竞 uses Microsoft Word documents for Quote, Work Order, Invoice and Form templates. This means you can build your templates exactly how you want them, with almost unlimited possibilities.

Quote options

Produce several Quote Options and issue them all to the client for consideration. If they accept online, the job will auto-restore to the accepted version.

Quote options portal
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